Flower Crown Workshop

Flower Crown Workshop

Last week as I was mindlessly wasting time on Facebook, I scrolled past a flyer for a "Flower Crown Workshop" in my suburb and without thinking booked myself a spot. It was only a few days after booking that I realised that it would be my very first workshop outside of College and Work and it both terrified and excited me that I would be learning a new skill!

I ended up driving into my suburb to attend this workshop only to find that it had been set up on my favourite little corner in Sandgate with cute little tables (each with personalised name cards at each seat, super adorable) with classic songs playing, baked goods scattered on tables and of course, flowers absolutely everywhere!

We all got our seats and after a few seconds I realised that all of the lovely people there knew each other and they were all in some way good friends, relatives or locals (and all very accepting of little old me who didn't think to bring someone along for the ride). The positive energy was infectious and after a power drink of tea we prepped ourselves for the hard work ahead.

Renae from Wallflower quickly showed us the ropes and out of nowhere I found myself creating little bunches of flowers which soon turned into a large pile which would be made into a lovely crown. I've always been fascinated by Florists and how people can somehow take a bunch of flowers and create this incredible arrangement, but Renae helped me to realise that things aren't created all at one time, they're made up of tiny and well executed steps!

After close to two hours of listening to the likes of Frank Sinatra, eating snacks and sipping on tea we finally began to assemble our flower crowns which proved to be a lot more simple then I had first predicted. Once the first crown was finished we quickly picked up the pace excited to see what ours would look like as well!

All in all it was a super lovely afternoon and it was a bonus that by the end of it we all had a pretty thing to go home with.

Also here's a cheesy little group shot outside of Atrium.

- B