Black Milk Clothing x Christmas | BTS

Black Milk Clothing x Christmas | BTS

We may be five months into this year already but I thought i'd post some of my behind the scenes photos from the giant Christmas Shoot Black Milk did for their collection ( a long time ago).

The idea was that these cute little elves were sewing all of the clothing and that each set was a different stage in the production line. It sounds simple but combine that with giant props, metres and metres of tulle and an extensive set of equipment it quickly went from simple to absolutely insane!

With Charli designing the concept, Bonnie shooting, Maddie producing, Paul assisting, Alicia covering Social Media, Tristan filming, James and Cam stopping in to offer assistance (and some hilarious photos) and the collaborative efforts of the models / make up artists and everyone else it was a pretty giant production. Here are a few snaps!

Full Blog as well as pictures and the lookbook can be found ~here~.
Beautiful video which Tristan made can be found ~here~.

- B