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Blackmilk x Disney | BTS

Bianca Holderness1 Comment
Blackmilk x Disney | BTS

So as most of my friends know I not only take photos in my spare time but i've also landed myself a job working at Blackmilk. I've always admired the company from afar and saw a position available, applied immediately and since then my admiration for the company has only grown.

Recently i've started putting myself out there and helping out with a few of the shoots and it's been a really incredibly opportunity. Although Blackmilk has been on a constant up and up climb I feel like i've landed amongst a creative team in the brink of conquering new territory and it's exciting to witness not only people achieve their own creative goals but also to see the customers so passionate with the results.

The last major licensed collection (and my very first step on a Blackmilk shoot) happened to be for Disney and I was silently freaking out at how cool it was all going to be. Due to the hype amongst everyone I didn't really get briefed on what to expect so it was only when I walked into the studio that it all sank in.

Now this studio in itself was ridiculous. No paper backgrounds to be seen and instead there's an entire white room which you could drive a truck into and shoot, but instead of a truck we we're setting up six sets for six princesses in 12 hours.

The entire concept came down to a lot of talented people putting in collectively thousands of hours of work all for this one day of shooting. Charli had meticulously planned down every set in her scrapbook of ideas, Maddi was on everyones case making sure the entire day ran smoothly and that everyone was happily caffeinated (thank god) and Bonnie with her assistant Paul tackled the challenge of figuring out how to shoot, where to shoot and how to light it. Throw in some beautiful models and make up / hair styling magicians and the shoot was all ready.

It was actually a blessing in disguise that I got to do behind the scenes work because it practically felt like I was a random person off the street witnessing something crazy because it was all new to me. I was sneaking around and seeing the tiny details in everything and it was a total adventure. I think my favourite thing about doing behind the scenes on this shoot was kind of showing how it was all a beautiful lie. That somehow the team had managed to convince us all that these were real princesses and that they were in their own castle when in reality they were in a studio in Brisbane surrounded by lots of people staring at them and lots of equipment everywhere.

Anyway here are a few photos that I took throughout the day. I can honestly say it was the craziest shoot i've ever been on and the fact that Blackmilk encourages their staff to think up absolutely crazy ideas and run with them was a beautiful thing to witness. That trust in peoples abilities, the highs, the lows, the having-to-lift-a-really-really-heavy-bathtub, the not being able to get the glitter out of my shoes (still), just all of it was absolutely great.

Huge thanks to the creative team for having me and all of the people / links are all down the bottom!


                    And lastly, the one only photo of me taken on the day. Taken by Paul on his very cool Polaroid.

                    And lastly, the one only photo of me taken on the day. Taken by Paul on his very cool Polaroid.


Main photos:

Head Designer: jL

Photographer: Bonnie Cee

Creativer Director: Charli Burrowes

Production: Madeleine Weston

Hair: Sarah Laidlaw

Make Up: Amelia Axton

Models: Laura Evans, Cassie Matthews, Laura Wood, Madeline Rae Mason, Jocelyn Savage, Zoe Hoad.