I think everyone in my life now knows how much I love Violent Soho. It started off with their self titled album getting played on Triple J a few years back and then last year I was lucky enough to score a ticket to see them live which completely blew my mind. Since then I have seen them perform seven times and been lucky enough to photograph them four times with this set of images now being my fifth.

I don't know what it is but the more I see them the more I want to see them. They're just a group of genuine guys making good music and offering up an awesome experience for everyone who attends their shows.

Their most recent tour which ended at the Hifi in Brisbane was a National tour playing their killer album "Hungry Ghost" to the masses. And by masses I mean fourteen totally sold out shows and performing to one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen at Splendour. 

The last time I saw Violent Soho perform in a venue (not at a Festival) was December of last year when they played Crowbar which can hold a max of 200 people. To think that in a matter of six months they were able to book out a 1200 person capacity venue three times in one city, in one week is ridiculous. And I swear every single person in that place was wearing a Soho shirt or a Soho beanie. It's just so great to see some local talent getting the recognition they deserve from their hometown.

Anyway I don't need to say that they performed an excellent show because they always do. If you haven't seen them yet, do it. And while you're at it have a look at their most recent music videos because they will mess up your brain trying to figure out how they will filmed.