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Blackmilk x Pulp Horror | BTS

Bianca HoldernessComment
Blackmilk x Pulp Horror | BTS

It's easing up to the time when things start to get a little spooky and fortunately I got a good warm up with the recent Halloween photoshoot for Blackmilk. After helping out with their Disney photoshoot a few weeks prior, I knew to expect a lot, but even that didn't prepare me for the craziness that happened behind the closed doors of the Old Museum.

I walked into this giant and very eery room early in the morning to see a stage surrounded by hanging flasks and unusual and terrifying props. I got a quick brief on what would be happening throughout the day and just like that it began to get crazy.

With three make up artists / hairstylists, three models and a very large crew, the room began to convert into what felt like a film set due to the on stage action and the brilliant lighting used for the shoot and video. I can't really explain what the atmosphere was like but with a very Halloween inspired playlist, constant onstage performances and a hell of a lot of smoke machine, it definitely left us all slightly delirious after a full day of shooting and a very full day of hilarious moments.

So here are a few photos I took over the day, I hope you enjoy!


HALLOWEEN EDITED (85 of 131).jpg
HALLOWEEN EDITED (92 of 131).jpg
HALLOWEEN EDITED (100 of 131).jpg


Main photos:

Head Designer: jL

Photographer: Bonnie Cee 

Photo Assistant: Paul Castle

Creativer Director: Charli Burrowes

Production: Madeleine Weston

Hair and Make Up: Amelia Axton, Penny Antuar & Maria Rivera

Models: Ashleigh Wesseling, Samie Robinson & Yani Booth.