Simone and Ryan get Married.

Earlier in May I helped shoot a Wedding with my friend Erin (Poco Rojo Pictures) for the lovely Simone and Ryan who were getting married up in a winery on Mount Tambourine. Having never been to Mount Tambourine before I was completely in awe of how beautiful the view and streets were and the location was extremely cosy even though it was a wedding in the middle of winter on top of a mountain.

Because I was the second shooter I once again got to hang out with the guys when they were getting ready and it's always a highlight for me when I shoot a wedding. Those pre-wedding nerves and anxious hours leading up the ceremony really show you a different side of people and it warms my heart being able to follow a couple through all of those emotions until the very end of the night when all of the nerves have vanished and they're surrounded by all of their loving family and friends for a new beginning.

Even though I was an unfamiliar photographer at the Wedding I felt so comfortable being in the company of all the lovely guests and the Wedding parties. The following photos hopefully show how much love was shared between all of these people and how beautiful the entire day was.