Bianca HoldernessComment


Bianca HoldernessComment

One of my favourite weeks of the year has to be the week of BIGSOUND. Seeing the Valley overrun with purple lanyards and cool people turns a usually terrifying place into a hub of creativity, connections and crazy experiences.

This year I was once again a part of the Official BIGSOUND Photography team clocking up a total of 50km’s trekked over the three days.

Key highlights were Milan Ring, Stevan, Jaguar Jonze, Dulcie, Tabacco Rat (who proceeded to perform in a Rat costume) and of course our surprise act Tkay.

Wild acts, engaging crowds, captivating installations and too much free alcohol.

Until next year BIGSOUND!

B x

Milan Ring_030919_Bianca Holderness-1.jpg
Atmosphere_030919_Bianca Holderness-18.jpg
Atmosphere_030919_Bianca Holderness-35.jpg
Atmosphere_040919_Bianca Holderness-16.jpg
EGOISM_040919_Bianca Holderness-6.jpg
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Atmosphere_040919_Bianca Holderness-42.jpg
Atmosphere_030919_Bianca Holderness-7.jpg
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Atmosphere_050919_Bianca Holderness-16.jpg
Levis Party_030919_Bianca Holderness-7.jpg
Tones and I - Silent Protest_040919_Bianca Holderness-1.jpg
Agent Hook Ups_050919_Bianca Holderness-3.jpg
Atmosphere_040919_Bianca Holderness-3.jpg
Laneways_040919_Bianca Holderness-3.jpg
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Atmosphere_040919_Bianca Holderness-26.jpg
Buskers_040919_Bianca Holderness-5.jpg
Ditto Bar_040919_Bianca Holderness-5.jpg
Cloudland_040919_Bianca Holderness-14.jpg
Cloudland_040919_Bianca Holderness-7.jpg
Japanese Wallpaper_050919_Bianca Holderness-12.jpg