Graduate Collection - Benji Lhaochareonwong

Graduate Collection - Benji Lhaochareonwong

A while ago Benji asked me if i'd like to photograph her Fashion Graduate Collection for her final QUT Assessment. I agreed to do it thinking that it'd be something quite small but upon seeing her collection I was totally blown away with how talented she was.

After hearing about how many hours she spent on each garment, how she had to use hammers and hand sew massive amounts of her garments I was in awe of what i'd be able to shoot. We ended up using two beautiful models and the idea was that they were sisters and there was a large juxtaposition of how "scary" their garments looked but how innocent they truly were.

Here are a few photos from the day.

Designs were by Benji Lhaochareonwong for the Tenfold Exhibition the models were the lovely Jenny and Issy which Emma helped to Style and I photographed.

Also here's a shot of another design that Benji created a while back which I really loved.